Home, Smart Home — With Wireless Technology

How smart is your home? You can make your home smarter and safer, and make your life easier, with these five simple switch-outs that make the most of emerging home technology, courtesy of Jack Thomasson, HGTV Smart Home House Planner.


* Entry level. You needn’t throw away your key, but save it as a backup, and install a keypad at your front door instead. The latest keypads provide not only security, but also remote access via your smartphone. You’ll never again have to wonder whether you locked the door; your smartphone, tablet or other Internet device will tell you if you did, and let you lock it if you didn’t. Need to open the door for someone when you’re not there? Keypads allow for that option as well. [Read more…]

Who Has the Best Tablet On The Market?

Tablets PCs are quickly becoming the dominant form of computing equipment within society. People all over the world use tablets to access the internet, watch movies, to perform work related tasks and for playing games. There are well over 100 different brands of tablet PCs and not all of them are created equal. Companies such as Acer, Lenovo, LG, Microsoft, Samsung and Apple are just but a few of the companies that make tablet PCs. With so many choices how can consumers determine which company offers the best tablet on the market? The best way to answer this question is by examining the most advanced PC tablet that is offered by each brand and then making comparisons. However, this would prove to be extremely time consuming and difficult. An easier way to accomplish this task is by examining the top selling tablets and figure out why these items are at the top of the list for consumers and industry experts.

Tablets Sales During the 2012 Holiday Season

The Christmas season of 2012 was an important one in terms of tablet sales. Christmas sales are important to various industries because this is the time of the year when they sell a great deal of their products to consumers. So the quest to discover who has the best tablet on the market must start with this information.

There were 5 major tablet companies that outsold other tablet PC brands during the 2012 holiday season. The 5 top selling companies that sold the greatest amount of tablets during the 2012 Christmas season was Google, Amazon, Samsung, Barnes and Nobles (Nook) and Apple. People were already familiar with these companies and developers in each of these organizations offered unique features for their different types of tablet products. [Read more…]

Creating A Brand While You Blog

With millions of websites and blogs clogging the internet traffic, it is imperative that your blog stands out in the crowd. It is a cut throat competition out there and hence, there is a definite need of branding to make sure your blog has the maximum visibility. The question thus arises; how does one brand themselves as a blogger and grow their business? Here follows the answer:

Clear Vision:
Be clear with the goals of your blog. Know your strengths and your topic of expertise. Being a blogger is all about writing about something you have knowledge about.

Investing in a Brand Logo:

Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Playstation. A picture of their brand logos immediately comes to mind as soon as their names are spoken. Designing a logo for your blog will allow you to invest in your brand and create an image that will be recognized and linked to your blog.

Use Your Website Name on Social Media:
Build a page for your blog on social networks. Create a buzz among people about your brand. Remember, the majority of the people spend their time online using these social media networks. [Read more…]

Social Media: How Businesses can Leverage it to Boost their Bottom Line

 Social Media is a powerful tool that businesses need to harness in order to remain relevant in our technology driven world. This might seem like a pretty bold statement to make, but if you aren’t making a conscious effort to connect with your customers and even prospective customers via the Internet, you are missing out on attracting a market that can give a major boost to your business and bottom line. It also provides you with a great way to build relationships that will last a lifetime while enhancing the reputation of your brand.

Most businesses are aware of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and some of the other social media websites that have a big following. But one of the common problems companies face is finding the best and most efficient way to manage their social media presence. Time is money and we are going to discuss some of the useful tools that will maximize the time you are spending to promote your business on the web. We are also going to explore some ways in which social media can help to take your business to the next level.
[Read more…]

How To Communicate with Journalists on Linkedin


If your business or career solely depends upon social exposure and public relations, then nothing can be more rewarding than building relationships with journalists. They’re the busy honey bees of social media, especially LinkedIn. They carry the pollen of fertility for many success stories while collecting honey for themselves. However, to develop a meaningful connection with a journalist you have to do something different from the ordinary. The following 5 tips may look obvious, but they do the trick.

1. Complete your profile
No one connects with ghosts. If you’re going to look attractive, especially to a worthwhile journalist, then you must have a visible and glaring profile. Complete it with a photo and some worthwhile stuff before you try to connect with even a nobody.

2. Join Groups in your field of expertise
Reporters monitor relevant groups related to their story or research topic on LinkedIn. It’s most probable that a journalist finds you and tries from his side to connect with you. You can subscribe to different publications to stay in the loop.

3. Study the profile first
It’s always rewarding to deal from a position of strength. People or organizations who connect with everybody send out wrong signals. They look needy and desperate. Journalists are busy people and they only connect if it’s worth their time. So, don’t just connect with everybody. Use discretion; find out more about them before you connect.

4. Utilize already established contacts
A friend of a friend is a friend. If you can get connected to somebody who is already connected, then it’s a matter of time before you’re noticed by the same reporter. LinkedIn is a professional networking hub with close to 200 million registered members from more than 200 countries; one has better chances with that number.

5. Use other links to connect first
It’s almost certain that a journo present on Linkedin has a personal blog. Making a personal connection before seeking them on a social site is more fruitful as they already trust you. So, if you make a causal connection with them first in their blog, Facebook or Twitter, you can expect a better response from them.

The core principle of any successful connection, whether social or business, is mutual interest and respect. If you can send out a signal that people who connect with you, are going to get rewarded in many ways, then you’re going to be the most sought after professional/organization for every journalist.

Power of Social Media During Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy is one of the biggest tropical cyclone occurring this season. The massive hurricane has had an effect in Haiti, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic and the United States. In the U.S. the hurricane has been massive in New Jersey. With the effect of the hurricane, millions of people have taken to many social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and others to give information while at the same time sharing videos and pictures to ensure others are being updated.

Trending on Social Media

Since the federal government and President Obama, cautioned people of the impending Hurricane Sandy, millions have been anticipating and following the happenings either from their laptops or via mobile phones on a variety of social media platforms. This includes the news, unique photos showing the weather conditions, the emotions and the presence of several leaders and government officials. With social media like twitter, residents of cities likely to be hit by Hurricane Sandy are one step ahead in evacuating themselves.

With these social media platforms, the residents in America need not come from New Jersey or get indoors to watch television to get what is happening in the disaster zone. With tweets from relevant sources, it has become possible to get the real pictures from the ground and sympathize with the affected people. [Read more…]

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Social Media Breaks New Ground in South Africa

Recent findings on social media registration and usage in South Africa have shown how social media is breaking barriers in terms of its demographics; age, rural and urbanites, and also relationships among other areas.

Social media for many South Africans is now “mainstream” with a surprising age bracket of 60+ year olds leading the pack with 44% growth in Facebook users. Those between 30-60 years have grown 30%, 19-30 years has seen a 20% increase and teens have had a 10%  increase respectively in a period of one year while MXit remains South Africa’s top social site with over 10 million users, followed by Facebook and Twitter with 4.1 and 2.4 million accounts. According to Michal Wronski, Fuseware Managing Director and co-author of the report, the tipping point in social media growth and usage was 2011- the year that saw the highest number of individuals and businesses flock the social sites.

The Mobile Aspect

This continued rise in popularity of social media has pushed the increase of mobile phones and tablets among users. There was an 80% mobile phone increase rate in 2011 and it is expected to surpass the 90% mark by the end of this year alone. Arthur Goldstuck, Managing Director of World Wide Worx states that nearly 70% of social media users accessed their sites through mobile devices.


Every consumer-oriented company in South Africa utilizes social media to some extent, states the report. LinkedIn which is aimed at professional users has hit the 1.2 million mark this year and businesses also have and interest in Facebook and Twitter. Small and medium sized businesses were found to be very active in social media owing to their earlier adoption of social media strategies and the bigger companies are now joining in the wake of acknowledgement of the marketing power of social media. Since social media has had an impact on the lives of many people in ways that vary from business and personal uses.  [Read more…]